Friday, December 13, 2013


Well with the Christmas season right around the corner, it is a very joyful time of year!  But it is also a very stressful time and can even be a trying time to some.  Family coming, work, etc.  This I believe is a time Satan tries very very hard to make life difficult.  He hates seeing us so happy and celebrating Christs birth, so he throws everything he can at us to take away from the spirit of the season.  He puts emphasis on getting the right gifts and the best gifts.  If you dont do that then obviously you aren't a good person.  He wants you to get angry and frustrated as deadlines loom, finals come, people show up.  He does everything he can to take our minds off the Christmas season and its true importance!  So what should we care about, how do we beat Satan at his own game?

During the Christmas season it is very easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of shopping and parties etc.  But lets look at why these things are even around? Why do we give gifts?  Why are there Christmas parties?  Why is it Christmas and not X-mas?  Why do we draw family near at this time and have family meals and traditions?  It is not because we are trying to beat the Jones down the street and show everyone we care more.  It is not an excuse to be lazy and waste time.  It is not about decorations and merchandise, it is about our Savior Jesus Christ!  He gave this world the greatest gift of all, a chance to return back to our Heavenly Father.  He taught that by serving others we are serving him.  He wasn't concerned with worldly objects and having the nicest clothes or place to live.  I believe we give gifts on Christmas more as a service and similitude than a way to show off.  We are near our families not to prove we can put on the best Christmas but to be with those one who we cherish and love.  I encourage all this Christmas season to remember why we have Christmas and look for why we do the things we do.  Know that Satan wants to take away from this spirit of love and joy but it is up to us to remember the real purpose of Christmas.  I saw this painting a few months ago and it really taught me the true meaning of Christmas.  I think there is a lot to learn from it.

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