Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Endure to the End?

  The term Endure to the End, what does that mean?  It can be quite a daunting term, it can sound negative.  But it is a joyous principle!  So lets break this down into the two parts in this phrase and what it means, we have "Endure" and we have "the End".  So lets start with Endure and what that means.The word endure means: To remain firm in a commitment to be true to the commandments of God despite temptation, opposition, and adversity.   Well that doesn't seem like a bad thing when you put it that way does it?  To me that describes a good faithful person who is doing their best to do what is right.  That person wants to follow God and his plan for us, no matter what comes their way.  Of course at some point or another we will all slip and fall, make mistakes, not live up to a commitment we have made.  And that is OK, because the definition of Endure is not to remain PERFECT in a commitment, but to remain FIRM in a commitment.  That means if we make a mistake and are not perfect in keeping the commandments but we strive to keep them and repent when we make a mistake and strive to be firm to keeping Gods commandments we are following this principle.  So Endure is not to agonize, painfully stick with something, or be forced to deal with things.  It is striving to do our best no matter what and in doing so we are Enduring.Now lets talk about the End, no i am not done writing just yet, just hold on...  What is the End referring to?  The end of the week?  The end of the year?  The end of church on Sunday?  Or the end of a lifetime?  How about D) None of the Above!  If we look at what it means to Endure, staying true to a commitment and commandments of God, would there be an end to that?  I don't think so.  Now we want to endure to the end of this life and stay true to the commandment of God, but would we also want to be true to the Commandments of God when we are in his presence after we die?  Of course!  Now this will probably be easier to do when we are in his presence so we wont concern ourselves with keeping the commandments after we die.  We will think of it more as a time to continue learning and growing our knowledge.  But for the sake of our mortal lives we must Endure to the End.  We must stay true to the commandments we have been given so we can reap the rewards our heavenly father has in store for us.  So to sum it up, Endure to the End really is saying in simpler terms, Keep the Commandments till the end.  Be true to the End, Be faithful to the End, and Be firm to the End!  So instead of looking at this phrase as a negative thing and a challenging aspect, keep doing what is right every day and you will be Enduring to the end!

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